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Mystery Spa Box

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Mystery Spa Box

Fuss-free beauty must haves.

What inside?

Want a luxury lash bundle for one low price?🤩 Receive 2 spa gifts, 2 lip products & a hydrating facial mask! All for one low price + free shipping!

🍃2 spa gifts
😘2 Lipglosses
🛍 1 Exfoliating Lip Mask
❤️ 1 Hydrating Facial Masks

🎉5 Surprise Gifts!

Ships free, today only!

Fav Us Etsy! ❤️

Love the element of surprise?

This is the perfect gift for your special love one or self indulgence gift for yourself!

Treat yourself to a mystery beauty box, filled with various skincare products, protective face masks, makeup, hair products, and other beauty items.

Each box is hand-picked from the most popular beauty brands and some new!

I guarantee you’ll be happy with your purchase!

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