About Us

MYBEAUTYSD LLC was created on the

foundation of showing care is simple and being
thoughtful is easy. During a time when staying
connected to others was difficult it became clear

that the arrival of a gift could mean so much. As
a busy mom of boys and a passion for business,
am always aware of time and how there is never
enough of it. For me, a thoughtful gift could take
weeks of planning and ordering which is why
went from being the best gift-giver to only
average. I want to show gratitude to those near
and far without compromising precious free time.
made it my mission to curate beautiful, unique,
fun and useful beauty items that are easy to shop for
while at home or on the go and they arrive at the
recipient's doorstep with ease. The Birthday Box is
thoughtfully selected with hope to spread
happiness with gifts you never knew you needed

but cannot live without.